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I Got A Puppy/Kitten For Christmas! Now, What Do I Do?

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If you are new to the world of pet parenting, it might get confusing at times. You literally
won’t know anything other than that these little furry friends sleep, eat, and poops at times.
But to get to know more, you will find the following information useful. If you have a new
puppy or kitten, the following is how to take care of it.

1. Diet:
Your new pet needs the right nutrition as it is just in its younger months, and from a healthy
diet, it will grow into a healthy dog or cat in time. You should feed your pet a combination of
high-quality food so that its balanced diet is ensured at all times.
You should avoid getting cows milk for your kittens but make sure they are always
accessible to clean and fresh water.

2. Bedding:
Your puppy or kitten should have nice and comfortable bedding to get the best rest possible.
Although your little pet might want to share your comfortable bed at all times, you should
give your pet its very own comfortable place as well.
Use bedding that is safe can easily be cleaned and dried, and makes sure you have put the bed
somewhere private and cozy.

3. Litter trays:
It would be best to place the litter tray in a private and quiet area for your pets to use when
they require going to the toilet.

4. Grooming:
Regular grooming is very important, mainly for pets' medium or long hair coats. Your kitten
or puppy needs grooming early so that it soon becomes an enjoyable activity and a routine
thing has done daily.

You can reward your kitten for Christmas or your puppy in small pieces when doing well in
the grooming part. Hence your kitten or puppy will link the grooming part of your daily
routine with positive and yummy things. It will be easier for you.

5. Playtime:
Bringing a puppy home means that you will have to invest enough time creating a play area
for it. Playtime for your pet is very fun and a curious thing, and you also love to expend some
of the energy chasing its cat toys and interacting with owners.

Try rotating some kinds of cat or puppy toys and play chase and catch with your pet as well.
This will let them find the best way to spend their energy instead of tearing your sofas and

6. Reward-based training:
Getting a new puppy home will be one new thing for you. To let it get well settled with you,
you should train it accordingly. The best way to train your pet is to do reward-based training
as it will guide them into a mind map that if they do a certain thing as directed by the owner,
they will be rewarded. It is one powerful way to train pets.

This is how to take care of puppy or kitten that you have got for Christmas or other times of
the year. You will enjoy your time with your new furry friends and find it very healthy for
your brain as well.

Judy Hojnacki Kocinski

Judy Hojnacki Kocinski

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